Our Expertise

Evian Engineering Pvt. Ltd offers most comprehensive and a wide range of services to cater the increasing need of industry for environmental expertise. The services offered are specially designed to provide complete and comprehensive solution where so ever is required. The services are designed to cover all industrial sectors. We supports for AMC, Operation and maintenance, Service on call, trouble shooting, professional trainings and breakdown services. We provide AMC & O & M services through highly skilled & trained manpower committed to meet the requisite regulatory environmental terms. Our 24x7-customer care team is spread all over to provide unrivaled support when needed.

Today, Evian become a leader in water resources management, desalination, waste water treatment and effluent reuse, water quality, water security and water project engineering.

Through continuous research, experimentation and field innovation, the company provides a reliable solution of high-quality water to a rapidly growing population. Evian uniqueness as a water utility lies in its unparalleled experience, know-how, technologies and innovative processes for the management, operation and treatment of all types of water resources: surface water, underground water, brackish water, sea water and effluents.